Frank Capra's RIDING HIGH (1950)

Hollywood on Parade 1932-1934



Dr. Clarence Muse was the shoeshine man








1. 60 years Entertainment History Transcending From Opera Singer, Minstrel Shows, Vaudeville, Broadway Actor, Radio, Films And Later Into Television


2. 50 years Film Industry History-219 Films


3. Amongst The First To Open The Doors And Paved The Way For Black Employment And Participation In The Entertainment Industry As Actors, Screen Writers, Composers and Authors.


4. (1911) 1st Black To Attend & Graduate Dickinson Law School, Carlisle, PA, L.L.B. International Law


5. (1916) Co-Founder Lafayette Threatre Stock Company, Harlem Renaissance: "Black Threater Movement" NY City. Staged "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"-1st Black Man, 1/2 White, 1/2 Black Face Performance


6. (1920) Founding Member, Delsarte Film Corporation, Black Independent Film Company NY City


7. (1921) Debut Producing, Writing And Starring In The Short: "The Custard Nine" With Baltimore Criddle, Virgil Custard, Tom Fletcher & Wes Johnson


8. (1922) Join Royal Garden Threater, Chicago, IL Where Many Jazz Great Performed e.g., Louis Armstrong


9. (1929) Among First Black Actors- 2nd Talkie, All Black Musical "Heart In Dixie"


10. (1931) Co-Wrote "When It's Sleeping Time Down South" with Leon Rene' and Rene', Sung In Movie "Safe In Hell" by Mae McKinney. Later Became Louis Armstrong Theme Signature Song


11. (1932) Publish Pamphlet The Dilemma of the Negro Actor Pre-Civil Rights Advocating For Better Black Roles In Film Industry


12. (1933) Amongst The Founding Members Of The Screen Actor Guild (SAG); SAG Pioneer Life Member


13. (1935-38) Federal Threater Project (FTP) - Western Region, Los Angeles, CA Director. President Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deal Depression Emergency Relief "1935" Appropriation To Employ Actors And Directors In Arts, Drama, Media And Literacy Project. Directed "Run Little Chullin"; 300,000 People Show Performance. All Time National Record Holder


14. (1938) Co-Wrote, Directed And Appeared In “Harlem Heb'n” a Symphony Presented At The Hollywood Bowl


15. (1938-9) Co-Wrote With Langston Hughes 1st Screen Play For A Hollywood Film, "Way Down South"


16. (1939) Guest Appearances On W6XAO Radio, Los Angeles, CA


17. (1939-1946) WWII Member: Hollywood Victory Committee-Arranged Stars Overseas Appearances; Writers Mobilization-Prepared War Propagandas, Hospital Visitation And Tours To Entertain Wounded Soldiers


18. (1939-40's) Columnist For The Oldest & Longest running Los Angeles, CA Black Newspaper California Eagle (1879-1964). Founder John J. Neimore escaped slavery from Missouri


19. (1940's) Co-Starred In Over 59 Films


20. (1940) Co-Wrote, Produced And Starred in "Broken Strings" Directed By Ray Bernard


21. (1942) Became 1st Western Regional Director For Phi Beta Sigma, Omega Chapter


22. (1943-4)  1st Black Director Of A Broadway Show, "Run Little Chullin"


23. (1950's)  Transition Into Television:

                                    (1954)    Lux Video Threatre Four Star Play House

                                    (1955)     Warner Brothers Presents

                                    (1955-6)  Casa Blanca TV Series

                                    (1956)      20th Century Fox

                                    (1960)     Walt Disney Wonderful World Of Color- "The Swamp                                                        Fox"

                                    (1973)      “A Dream For Christmas” TV Movie


24. (1959) Porky And Bess Film


25. (1963) Founded the Perris Valley Arts & Activities Committee Formed To Support Artists & Provide Community Service- Over 50 Years Of Community Service, 50th Perris Valley Arts Festival; 51st Perris Valley Christmas Hollow Toys Give-Away.


26. (1970's) Played In Five(5) Movies At The Age Of 80: Buck and the Preacher (1972), The World's Greatest Athlete (1973); Car Wash (1976); The Black Stallion (1979)


27. (1973) Inducted Into The Black Filmmakers Hall Of Fame


28. (1978) Black Filmmakers Hall Of Fame Established A "Clarence Muse Youth Award" Debbie Allen 1st Recipient


29. (1979) Member Of: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers; Academy of TV Arts & Science; D'Nai B'rith- Oldest Jewish Service Organization (Est. 1843)


30. (1979) Died October 13, 1979 At 90 Years Old, Four (4) Days Before The Release Of His Last Film, "The Black Stallion"